Masturbation Girlfriends

Sunday, November 23, 2014
I've got lots of them. When I was in middle school I had a girl I liked to masturbate over. I was a bit wary of doing it to her since I was already very self-conscious whenever she was around and I kind of thought if I beat-off over her it would only make matters worse. But I just couldn't help myself. But mostly I beat-off over porn masturbation girlfriends.

My first were in the mag my brother swiped from my father's porn collection. I remember one part of this mag that had two babes, a brunette on the left and a blond on the right. They were both in black and white, wearing panties, but their tits were naked! I blew my load so many times for those two. I use to have trouble deciding which one I would give it up for. That's the thing about porn masturbation girlfriends, you might have two or even more, but in the end you can usually only give it up for one of them. So you have to decide. I wanted to cum to both. I'd stroke my dick for one, then the other. Mostly when I finally blew it I was looking at the blond.

Then there was Nancy Jo Hooper. Nancy was a Playmate centerfold! She was big and she was in color and she was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my short life as a masturbator. I'd stroke my dick as I gazed upon her lovely face. I'd stroke even faster as I looked at those tits of hers. They were so wonderful to masturbate over! My adolescent brain had not yet fully comprehended the female breast and I was fascinated (thing is, I still am). Then down to her soft, smooth tummy and then her thigh! I dumped so many loads of my young cum to that woman! I remember very well cause I've got a copy of that pic and I'm stroking to her right now! That's the thing about masturbation girlfriends. You might move on to other babes. They might show you more (I never got to see Nancy's pussy) and they might do cum-extracting lewd acts, but it's always nice to cum back to them after a long absence. I've looked for my first black and white masturbation girlfriends but so far they haven't shown up. I bet it would be fun to beat-off to them like old times though even though they are of low resolution and without color. Nancy looks pretty good though!

I made a masturbation girlfriends group at Yahoo and she's the covergirl. There's not much activity at that site though. Jessie Rogers is our fifth PMG over at my Porn Masturbation blog. I've cum to her quite a bit lately. But I really shouldn't have started back up with Nancy: