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Friday, July 26, 2013

Marta is a young Spanish Croft who makes his living as a personal trainer. It is well known in the area and is in high demand, we assume that is due to the enormous size of her boobs. Marta petite tits has two carretas.Pero tits like two girl Marta is a very restless and want to try new and exciting experiences. So the day which rose in the FolloVolumen, was not able to pass up the opportunity. Marta Croft is equipped as standard with a huge pair of domingas. . Y Marta Croft discovered that she nurses a bitch first.

Sara Rose and Lolo - Buy my girlfriend and I watch as they fuck

Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Tamara Dix, I'm mature, revientame the ass

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 What to say about this beauty. Tamara Dix, a mature Spanish having an incredible mobazo. Tamara Dix does not afraid of anything. He's done hardcore scenes where abused their dignity by money, slapped, fucked is his nephew, the boy has fucked Cock, .... etc., is an all-rounder. This mature blonde gets so horny that we have vueltoa record uan scene where surrender his ass in an anal scene for our enjoyment.

Andrea see pone en forma

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get on the bike and give Andrea fuertea pedals. Andrea, you know that summer comes and wants to get in shape, you reaffirm your glutes and tone your breasts. You never know when you may be asked to fuck, and has to be prepared. Andrea is spectacular, a Latina Colombian decent. Never gave much MORBO sports.

Martha Croft in private Casting

Monday, July 22, 2013

Max Cortes, is conducting a casting, looking for the most beautiful girls in the country and foxes. Martha Croft, believed to possess these qualities. With tits as big size XL, we will see Max fuck. Good blowjobs above the couch, and a good fuck. Ass and tits often having Marta. Finally happen? Casting?

Vacation Cuckolding

Friday, July 19, 2013

A long weekend in a plush hotel or a short stay in a seedy motel can provide the setting for exciting vacation cuckolding free of everyday stress and demands with a stranger or a second honeymoon with someone she wants to be with again.

Cuckolding with a new man

Cuckolding involves another man's penis entering a wife's vagina. In "vanilla" marriages, this happens far more often than one would suspect because it is surreptitious and never spoken about with the husband or wife in question. Whether you are a swinger, the husband of a Hotwife or an unabashed cuckold, your wife is cuckolding you every time she allows another man to penetrate her.

This is our lifestyle and we enjoy it. In this video, though the wife is having sex with a new man, note the intimacy between husband and wife as she is enjoying herself sexually with her lover.

Cuckold Sharing Bareback

Cuckolding with someone you know and trust can, for many couples, make it comfortable to indulge in bareback sex with the wife's lover. Without condoms, the pleasure of sex for the wife and her lover is intensified and, if he is lucky, the husband will be able to enjoy what is known as sloppy or silky seconds. Some  consider this the ideal form of cuckolding.

Cuckold Sharing his wife

Thursday, July 18, 2013

There is no pleasure like that of a cuckold sharing his wife and witnessing the sights and sounds of the encounter. Knowing how the other man must feel thrusting into his wife and hearing her express sexual ecstasy that may be unfamiliar is the sublime experience that words cannot explain.

Cuckold Couple Getting off on black

Cuckolding is a highly erotic practice that keeps couples bonded together at a sexual peak long after so-called "vanilla" relationships have lost their excitement. When filming an encounter, a couple can re-live the experience. The husband will no doubt excite to seeing his wife with another man. The wife can recall all the sensations the other man gave her. Some wives will also get off on knowing her husband was the background or behind the camera waiting or stroking while she is being taken care of by a powerful lover.

Cuckold Gangbang

When a cuckolding couple chooses to let the husband's friends know about their chosen lifestyle, it is inevitable that the friends will want to have sex with the wife. Sometimes, it will occur to them to propose a gangbang so they can all have sex with the wife together having the husband present to watch or film. The sexual energy quite overwhelming and intoxicating for all who take part.

As dunas no Norte de Portugal

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Tínhamos andado a pensar em passar uns dias de férias e pensamos numa coisa barata, mas bem longe do nosso local de residência. Andamos a pesquisar pela net alguns parques de campismo pelo norte de Portugal e o que mais nos interessou foi no Rio Alto na Povoa de Varzim. Bem bonito aquilo, com boas instalações e tudo (recomendamos). Tinha praia e por isso decidimos ficar lá, uma praia mais ou menos desértica, o que nos abriu o apetite sexual, logo que vimos aquela maravilha. Pena a praia encerrar á noite… Mas de manha levantamo-nos bem cedinho para podermos aproveitar a praia ainda s...

Cuckolding Wife with a black man

Not every cuckolding couple goes for black-into-white sex but for those who have this appetite, it is a seductive and exotic mix with a host of connotations for all. The black lover is something the husband can never be and that significance plays into the primal fears and excitement of wife, lover and husband alike.

Cuckolding Group

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cuckolding couples experiences a number of sexual triggers. The fact the the wife is having sex with another man, that there are more than one man fucking her, that the husband is witnessing this primal scene, that the husband does not take part and that the husband only films or takes pictures to commemorate the event all add up to an exquisite pleasure for the wife and her cuckold.

Cuckolding with Hubby in Attendance

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some of the best cuckolding happens when the husband is in attendance but only to make the experience easy and comfortable for his wife and her man. Whether fetching drinks or tending to the camera, he is there for their convenience. His wife knows the amount of sexual tension this will create for her husband and may choose to allow him release or want him to fuck her at some point.

Cuckolding Wife, bi husband

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It is surprising how many wives want to see sexual contact between their lovers and the husband. Whether this desire or fascination develops as she gets further into cuckolding or if it was always an unspoken interest, more and more cuckolding couples are talking about this aspect of the lifestyle and including it to some degree in their adventures.

Cuckold Jerking

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

There is a special sort of excitement to be taken from the sight of a wife having sex with another man while the cuckold merely strokes himself. Knowing that he will not enjoy penetration and his pleasure will be limited to the vicarious enjoyment of the other man with his wife underscores the thrill that only a true cuckold understands.

Cuckolding with Hubby and a Small Group

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cuckolding with a husband and a small group can be very exciting especially if the wife's husband takes a turn while her lovers are resting. Someone is bound to come up with a new twist, like cum play, which allows a couple to expand their interests.

Hotwife Tara leaving on a date

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some wives prefer to play without the husband being present. This video shows Hotwife Tara leaving for an overnight date. Her husband it locked in his cock cage and she wears the key on her anklet. Have a nice evening!

Cuckold Captions

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cuckold Captions is back:

Cuckold Evening


It is very exciting for a couple to bring home a man with whom she wants to have sex. The couple may have met him in a bar, at a club or at a friend's party but the attraction was there and having him come over to get it on with the wife while the husband films, watches and encourages her is a large part of what the Cuckolding is all about.

Cuckolding Fun and Intensity

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sometimes a cuckolding session is more enjoyable than usual and even the husband who keeps out of the way can find a special pleasure in  his wife's rapture and the other man's passion. How perfect when fun, intensity and emotion reach the same high as the sexual sensations!

Cuckolding Wife Teases and Compares her Husband

One of the pleasures that awaits a cuckold couple is for the wife to discuss her lovers while fucking her husband and comparing their size and skill to his. This is especially stimulating if the husband has witnessed his wife with her lovers and has seen first-hand his competition. For those yet to become active in the Cuckolding, this can be done as fantasy role-play/pillow talk for the excitement of both husband and wife.

Vintage Cuckolding

Before the Internet provided a broad forum for intimate communication, cuckolding was a quiet secret and a fetish lifestyle that probably sprang from swinging. Men began to discover that seeing their wives having sex with other men was the biggest turn-on of the swinging lifestyle and swinging couples became hotwife/cuckolding couples. Even in those "prehistoric" days, a woman's preference for black lovers was documented and this video in three parts shows a couple enjoying the lifestyle without benefit of the Internet as a resource.

Cuckolding Threesome

Couples in the Cuckolding often entertain the wife's lover in their home. Sometimes the husband waits in another part of the house to give his wife privacy with her lover, sometimes he is present watching as his his wife engages in sexual acts with her lover and sometimes he joins them in those sexual acts as part of a threesome.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Sempre gostei de bibliotecas, são estabelecimentos que me inspiram, lugares mágicos e tão misteriosos. A biblioteca que frequento é de uma amiga minha um local pequeno mas muito acolhedor. Um dia destes fiquei lá a fazer umas pesquisas e como já era tarde ela deu-me a chave e pediu-me para ser eu a fechar a biblioteca. Foi então que tive a ideia mais brilhante de sempre e como tinha de recompensar o Tiago pela ultima surpresa... Mandei-lhe uma sms a dizer "Estou com muitas dúvidas aqui numa pesquisa. Aparece á biblioteca. Beijos.". Em cima das mesas principais deixei abertos livros ...

Cuckolding Wife Enjoys her Lover

A cuckolding wife soon becomes at ease with the taboo, counter-culture aspect of cuckolding and begins to enjoy sex with other men as the logical expression of her feminine nature and the primal sexuality that comes with being a woman. An enlightened husband understands and encourages this Goddess aspect of his wife.

Cuckolding With a Friend

Friends are a good source for cuckolding lovers for her. If she is already comfortable with the other man, the get-togethers can be quite relaxed and congenial and the idea of a friend having sex with her can be stimulating for each of the participants though perhaps for different reasons. We particularly like the manner in which the three people in these two videos relate to one other.

Cuckold Taping his wife

This cuckold husband tapes his wife and offers affection while her black lover offers something a little different. Later, they will enjoy watching the video living this pleasurable experience over and over again.

Cuckolding Excess

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes a wife gets into a mood where she wants to cuckold her husband to excess. "I don't want to be walking when this is over!" A cuckold husband will understand these moods and accommodate them. He will even document the event on tape staying out of her way to allow her the full enjoyment of her excess.

Cuckold Sharing Quietly

When so many men try to dominate a cuckolding session with coaching and directions, this man shows respect for his wife and the fact that it is her evening and he remains silent while her lover is fucking her. Should she look at her husband, what she will see is his appreciative stroking and we thought it was nice when, at one point, he holds her leg open wider for her.

Cuckolding Wife Filmed by Husband

Some of the best cuckolding sessions are when the husband is quietly out of the way watching or filming his wife and her lover without imposing his will on what they are doing.

Falta de tempo

Com o trabalho não temos mesmo tido tempo para aqui vir e escrever as nossas aventuras, que na verdade até têm sido poucas. Esperemos que não tenham perdido o interesse de cá vir, porque brevemente teremos um texto muito muito bom, que acho que vocês vão adorar. *Mas para que o publiquemos vocês vão ter de pedir muito bem, ou até deixar-nos excitados. E se vocês não nos deixarem excitados, como vocês bem sabem, não vai haver texto para ningém!!* Acreditem que o texto da nossa ultima aventura vai valer a pena, basta vocês pedirem muito bem. Já agora, bom fim de semana a todos,

Tantric Massage Lingam

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Deva Nishok developed a method unique and exclusive massage Lingam (penis) as a result of his observations and research that has been developing since 1996 in Brazil. In Lingam Massage, work is focused and intensified in oversized penis (Lingam). Importantly, these manipulations genitals are techniques that have nothing to do with masturbation, but with stimuli deeply studied and researched, specifically applied with the goal of increasing the sensory aspect of the genital region, providing a kind of pleasure and altered states of perception and consciousness never experienced the usual manipulations masturbation or sex. At this level, discharges occur indescribable energy, revealing a stunning and unimaginable orgasmic potential. Occur multiple orgasms with or without ejaculation without pleasure and a decline in the expansion of energy toward the 7th Chakra - Saashara, an energy center located at the top of the head, tied to the sacred, the divine aspect that exists within us. The ejaculatory orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage, although it can be a pleasant and very welcome effect of this manipulation. With the frequency of this stimulus, men get a huge jump in their sensory sensitivity and intensity of pleasure, experiencing multiple orgasms and successive dry (non-ejaculatory), increased time in sustaining the erection, greater flexibility and increased penis (length and width). The Lingam Massage is an exceptional method to cure premature ejaculation, impotence, difficulty reaching orgasm and absence or low libido. Assists in the healing of sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, impotence, lack of libido) Increases the duration of erection; Modifies the anatomy of the Lingam, increasing its flexibility and size; reveals and dissolves blockages and emotional and psychological trauma that may be inhibiting the flow energy and orgasmic experience; awakens dormant sensory regions and increases the body's sensitivity; Connects the voice and the breath sensations and emotions touched; Transforms your paradigms about sexuality, changing energy patterns; Give him the encouragement to trust, to surrender up and relax in pleasant experience.

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